Axle Repairs

We work in conjunction with the famed Fraser Brown Engineering firm in Scotland to offer their high quality AL-KO axle repairs to our customers in the South East for a very competitive price. We facilitate the process, taking care of the removal and refitting aspect, and the axle is sent to Fraser Brown for his industry leading remanufacturing services. The rubber in the axle is replaced with a longer and more durable rubber, and areas of the axle that are more prone to corrosion are painted for added protection. This offers great longevity and peace of mind on your travels. 

While your caravan is in our workshop, our highly experienced team will also assess the condition of other components we usually see showing signs of wear/damage when the axle is in need of repair (i.e. tyres, wheel-boxes, shock absorbers and brakes) and advise on any further repairs required to make sure your caravan gets back on the road safely.  

For more information and pricing on this please contact us on 01622 859301 and ask for the Service department. Alternatively contact us by using one of the enquiry forms on our website or by e-mailing us on [email protected]

NB: As we facilitate the axle repair only and do not directly work on the axle refurbishment process, we will assist with any issues relating to fitment of the axle for 6 months as per our standard labour guarantee policy. If you encounter any warrantable items/faults relating to the axle refurbishment – please contact Fraser Brown Engineering (01862 851600, [email protected]) and this will be dealt with under the scope of their own warranty policy.                                

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