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    Lee Davey Caravans have had an established workshop since the 1950’s. Since the earliest days we have endeavoured to provide the very best in servicing and aftercare for our thousands of customers. Whether it is for a routine service, the fitting of an aftermarket accessory or the repair of your caravan due to accidental damage, we are fully equipped to meet your needs.

    Whilst the exterior of the building has changed little over the years what goes on inside has changed immeasurably. The very simple early touring caravans have now been replaced by models fitted with the very latest in technology. To keep up with the relentless improvements we are seeing in the quality products we sell, our staff are regularly trained both in house and at suppliers.

    Being a part of the Approved Workshop Scheme we are regularly inspected to make sure that we reach their exacting standards, whether it is having the qualified technicians or the appropriate and well maintained equipment.

    In our efforts to improve what we recognise to be the foundation stone of a successful retail business we have brought about a number of improvements in recent times. The new wash bay adjacent to the Leisure Shop has allowed us to expand the workshop to 5 bays, 2 of which are equipped with hydraulic lifts. This in turn has allowed us to expand the workforce and make it possible to reduce the time customers wait for that all important work to be carried out.  Along with these changes we are investing continually in the latest diagnostic and repair equipment necessary to maintain the modern caravans we buy and sell.

    Along with our additional personnel in the workshop, a fresh approach to the customer facing team has brought about many advantages. All our caravans go through the workshop before collection so we recognise that co-operation with the sales department and the leisure shop is essential. Working together ensures that customers are able to expect their caravan on time with the right parts fitted.

    As one of the busiest caravan dealerships in the South we have found it necessary to prioritise customers who have purchased their caravans from Lee Davey Caravans. This gives you the added assurance that by buying from us you can expect any warranty issues you may encounter to be addressed as speedily as possible.

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