Tyre fitting services:

Here at Lee Davey Caravans we can supply and fit new tyres to caravans. Although we do not keep tyres in stock on site, we use a long standing and reputable supplier and can order them for same day delivery in most cases. This means if we spot any signs of damage or wear to your tyres while servicing the caravan, or if you would simply like them replaced for any other reason we can usually arrange for them to be replaced quickly, to get you back on the road with minimal disruption. We are also one of the few companies who are proficient in changing tyres on wheels equipped with Tyron bands (and happy to do so!). Call us today for pricing or to make a booking.

Is there such thing as a "caravan tyre"?

There is no such thing as a "caravan tyre". Caravans use a variety of tyres depending on the weight required. A majority of single axle caravans for example will use commercially rated tyres which are designed to be much stronger and more durable, capable of carrying the high weight across just 2 wheels (which can sometimes be in excess of 1000kg per wheel!). If you look at twin axle caravans however, many just use normal car tyres, as they are perfectly capable of withstanding the load of the caravan distributed across 4 wheels. Providing the size is correct and the speed and load ratings match (or exceed) the caravan manufacturer's recommendations, any tyre from a reputable supplier can be used.

Do you balance tyres?

Although caravan and trailer tyres do not actually need to be balanced and historically very rarely are, we have invested in state of the art balancing equipment. This helps reduce vibrations inside the caravan when towing and can actually help with towing stability too.  

*Note, if you have Tyron bands equipped these can lead to issues with balancing due to the excess weight being poorly distributed around the wheel, so although we will still default to balancing the wheel, we assess this on an individual basis as it is not always feasible. A poorly balanced wheel can cause just as many problems as an unbalanced wheel. 

Other information:

  • All tyres are dated. It is recommended in our NCC & AWS service guidelines that tyres are replaced at 5 to 7 years old depending on condition. It is also a stipulation of many insurance policies that tyres do not exceed the age of 7 years old. This is because cracks or other damage may appear as the tyre ages. Cracks appearing are a sign the rubber is hardening and deteriorating. This will make the tyre more susceptible to punctures and lead to a reduction in grip. Note, tyres are typically up to a year old by the time they are fitted to your caravan due to the length of the supply chain, especially on more uncommon sizes which is often the case with small commercial tyres used on caravans. This is part of the reason for the "5 to 7" year recommendation. 
  • We very rarely change caravan tyres because they are worn! Sadly, just because your tyres have done very few miles does not mean they are still safe to use. In fact, in some cases the lack of movement is a tyre's worst enemy, leading to flat spots and cracking as the tyre deforms. Most tyres we replace have lots of tread left, but still must be changed due to their overall condition. 
  • Exposure to ultra violet light (from the Sun) is another major factor which causes the rubbers to break down, so if you store your caravan for long periods in direct sunlight it may be worth considering covering the tyres to prolong their life.

For more information and pricing please contact us on 01622 859301 and ask for the Service department. Alternatively contact us by using one of the enquiry forms on our website or by e-mailing us on [email protected] . 

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