Service Price Guide

Single Axle Service£285.00 (inc. hub nuts)
Twin Axle Service£355.00 (inc. hub nuts)
Alde Fluid Change (5yr)£225.00
Hourly Labour Rate£72.00

Prices above include VAT but exclude materials and/or works required beyond our definition of a standard service. Additional work will be charged accordingly at our hourly rate. 

Please contact us via e-mail using [email protected] or call 01622 859301 to speak to a member of staff about details and pricing on our wide range of other available services, including Axle repairs, Powrtouch motor movers, E&P hydraulic self-levelling,  4G/5G Wi-Fi aerials & Truma air-conditioning.

Current WiFi Fitting Prices:

See for more info on available products. Prices may change depending on fitting requirements.

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